Mini Cooper Cup

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I'd suggest not speaking to teams unless you're going to 'sign up' with them - the advice may not always be good. I.e there would be little point of them existing as a business if they gave out advice that puts them out of business. Sounds niggly, but thats the way of things Laughing

I dont mind helping though - but i'm not in a position to make money from setup/running a team.


replace the calipers - cheap, less than £500 all in and saves niggles with old worn seals etc
Pads - mintex f4R up front (£130 or so), Pagid road in the rear from motorfactor (£20)
Discs - Just pagid or Brembo from a motorfactor - nothing fancy - fronts about £30 a disc, rears about £20
Lines - All of our cars run braided flexis throughout - BUT definitely replace the flexis at each corner
Fluid - RBF660 - habit more than anything. Used it for over 10yrs with zero boiling so cant see a reason to change. Cheaper than Castrol's SRF too!!!

Used parts

i'd only use used parts for things like uprights/rear arms/mounts etc - just go new for ball joints/bearings etc - Just replace them at build - £400 to fit new all round - track rods, wheel bearings, inner/outer balljoints. Brand - Tried to stay with MOOG at the advice of previous team we ran with.


I've driven both LEDA and AST.... but all 3 of ours run AST.

LEDA just felt a bit soft for my preference, but that's just a feeling. No doubt they are just as good, if a little 'soft' going by the stories you hear.

Had a few issues with snapping the rods on rear AST, BUT this has been designed out and our 2 new sets replaced FOC to correct the fault. Look around 2017-2018 units for rear struts being weak

Wheels and Tyres

Just go to Ronnie at Wheels Around - 1 stop shop, located at Knockhill and cheap.


Bit of an unknown here - Superchips are no longer I believe. Must be plenty spare ECUs around though - they were free to map (send OE ECU away, they flash it and return to Championship steward.. he seals it. You paid postage of course, so less than £20 all in) if entered into championship. I know were have around 2 spare Laughing


Safety Devices bolt in

Seems rare to find a good second hand deal BUT keep your eye out on the usual sites. I picked up a full cage (door X) for £450 on ebay. Good condition etc. New they are £800+

Buying parts - for all new safety stuff, Rear ARB, filter, cut offs etc I tend to use Hamish at Panda Racing. Good prices Smile

Engine - Start with whatever is in the car.... get a spare for ~£300. There are small gains from taking an engine to the max of the regs, but I think this would be of more benifit after a while on the car.

My pink car was 127bhp when I got it - £1200 later with new engine its 133bhp. Small gains are worthwhile - but if the budget is constrained I think £1000 on tracktime and tyres will far out weigh the benifits of ~4-5bhp.

As David mentions previously on post - making sure ancilleries/bolt on parts are good is just as important - fresh plugs, decent air filter - sensors working as expected.

Once the car is built / tested and known..... experiment with the setup. I know first hand of folk that run wildly different setups but are typically around same pace. I think the trend tends to be - find a setup you like and fine tune it from there RATHER than go with a setup someone else uses and try and adapt to it.

Case in point

Adam Morrison runs a setup i'd consider understeery
Fee - runs a setup similar to me - but less aggressive at the rear
Rumour has a few of the teams with very loose rear setups

Same goes with tyre pressures - my ideal seems strange top others Laughing
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Some good advice there cheers, I’ve now got an expensive shopping list, I contacted Superchips and they are still trading but couldn’t advise of what was happening with the Mini Cooper cup, guy will speak to his bosses and get back to me.
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