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TrekScotland organised an endurance karting event in conjunction with Xtreme Karting on Saturday 15th October 2011 to raise funds for charity.
The total amount raised on this event was £840.25
Well done to all those that took part :)
If you would like to make a donation please visit the Donate link at the top.



1st Place: Duncan Developments - fastest lap 20.826
Team: Gordon Duncan, John Dodds, Ross McCormack, Andrew Bertram & Alan Travis
Timesheet: Team7 - Duncan Developments

2nd Place: X Karter - fastest lap 20.813
Team: Ian Lindsay, Olie Young, David Gough, Jason Toovey & Ewan Bennett
Timesheet: Team5 - X Karter

3rd Place: TrackScotland - fastest lap 20.954
Team: Fiona Kindness, Stuart MacLeod, Matthew McBride, Josh Orr & Karen O'Brien
Timesheet: Team1 - TrackScotland

4th Place: Scottish Elises - fastest lap 20.860
Team: Mike Sciblidblisy, Alan Gourley, Gav Superlight, Andy Ross & Noops
Timesheet: Team4 - Scottish Elises

5th Place: Aker Solutions - fastest lap 20.870
Team: Damo O'Brien, Graham Ness, Bruce Noble, Lee Wilson & Martin Buchan
Timesheet: Team3 - Aker Solutions

6th Place: PistonHeads - fastest lap 21.071
Team: Chris Watson, Steven Johnstone, Lindsay McCracken & Colin Murray
Timesheet: Team2 - PistonHeads

7th Place: SIDC - fastest lap 21.239
Team: Kinger, David Long, Gordon Long, Phil Wadsley & Steven Kinger
Timesheet: Team6 - SIDC

8th Place: East Coast Racing - fastest lap 21.308
Team: Scott Armstrong, Craig Cockburn, Ewan Armstrong, John Christie & James McBlane
Timesheet: Team8 - East Coast Racing